March 2020 UPDATE

As some of you may know I’ve taken some time from gigging this year in order to make an album, something thats well overdue, as I’ve been playing and partying pretty constantly for nearly 30 years non stop!

Anyway I’m happy to announce that all 10 new tracks featuring 4 different vocalists (including myself) are finished and have been sent off for mastering.

The album is called ” The Underground Tree ” and will be available in a fat black double wax pack !
Unfortunately the whole mastering and manufacturing process takes a while so don’t hold your breath straight away – the important thing now is that it’s happening !!!
Keep your eyes open in the relevant places for updates and on this page which I’ll update as info becomes available.

I’ll be updating the other sections of the web site and adding info about our Racket Stack venue in Berlin little by little, so if something seems out of date please keep checking back or drop me a line via the contact form.

All the latest Info can be found in the Blog